CRUSS Polari Meter, P1000-LED

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Polari meter 1 Set



  • Brand: CRUSS
  • Model: P1000-LED
  • Origin: Germany
  • Country of Manufacture: Germany
  • The P1000-LED polarimeter is a simple and robust device for basic applications in the lab and for training. It operates according to the half-shade principle and the reading takes place via an eye-piece and two noni uses.
  • The P1000-LED features a high-quality metal stand and a sample chamber for tubes of up to 220 mm in length.
  • It is equipped with a swivel-mounted cover, polarizer, and analyzer and the delivery includes accessories.

Technical data

  • Measuring range: 2 semi-circles (0-180º)
  • Glass tubes:  100 and 200 mm
  • Scale division: 1°
  • Reading precision: 0.05º (with noni use)
  • Light source: LED


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