Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Contour Blood Glucose Meter 1 Set

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The Bayer Contour Glucose meter requires small blood samples (0.6 microliters) and alternate site testing for virtually painless testing. The no-code auto-calibration feature reduces user error and makes the Contour glucometer perfect for people of all ages. The 480 value memory displays 14-day averages and can be downloaded to your home computer for advanced data management. Convenient test remainder alarms remind you when you should take your next blood glucose test. Sip-In sampling technology makes blood application quick and easy.

Ascensia Bayer Contour Glucose Meter Features:
No Coding: The auto-calibration feature of the Contour glucometer saves time and reduces user error to ensure accurate test results each time you use the Contour meter.
Small Blood Samples: The Ascensia Contour glucometer only requires 0.6 microliters of blood reducing the pain associated with diabetic glucose testing.

Alternate Test Sites: Reduce the pain associated with repetitive testing on the same site each time by using the Contour meter. Alternate test sites include forearm, palm, or fingertip.
Fast Accurate Test Results: The Bayer Contour glucose meter provides test results in as little as 5 seconds and uses auto-calibration to ensure accurate test results. The meter also compensates for interference during testing for reliable test results.
480 Value Memory: The Contour meter uses an advanced memory system that calculates 14-day test averages, 7 days high/low test results, and pre/post meal test marking for enhanced glucose control. Test results are downloadable to your home computer for advanced data management and support Diabetes Management Software. Convenient test reminders prevent you from forgetting to test your blood glucose levels.
Easy to Use: The Contour glucometer is designed to be easy to use for people of all ages. The no coding design prevents inaccuracies from miscoding. The” Sip-In” Sampling technology makes blood application simple and effective (less wasted test strips). The Contour meter lets you personalize your meter according to your testing routine with basic or advanced modes. Advanced features include programmable HI and LO settings and a personalized test result summary.

Bayer Contour Glucose Meter
Convenient Carrying Case
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