Conductivity Meter Bench Type (EC, TDS, Salinity & Temp.), Lab 945

৳ 64,000.00

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Data storage: 4,000 Entries
Model.: Lab 945
Brand: SI Analytics
Country: Germany


User-friendly design for training and routine measurements.
Its intuitive operation and robust aluminum housing render the Labs 945 perfect for training and routine purposes.
The meter features by the following characteristics:
Made in Germany
USB interface
Data logger (up to 4000 Data sets: Date, Time, Main value, secondary value, measuring temperature) with adjustable interval
Numeric pass wort security
User language selectable (German, English, French, Spanish)
Configurable time off set-up
Robust aluminium housing
Graphical LCD Display, background lit
For immediate use as set (with stand, power supply, Conductivity cell and standard)


Technical Specifications:

Measuring range:   0 … 200 µS/cm; 0 … 2,000 µS/cm; 0 … 20 mS/cm; 0 … 500 mS/cm; Automatic range

TDS: 0 … 200 mg/l; 0 … 2,000 mg/l; 0 … 20 g/l; 0 … 500 g/l

Salinity: 0 … 70 (after IOT)

Temperature: -10 … 100 °C

Resolution:         0.1 µS; 1 µS; 0.01 mS; 0.1 mS; 0.1 °C

Accuracy:         ±1 digit, ± 0.5 % of the measuring range, T [°C] ± 0.1 (5…50 °C)

Temperature compensation: Automatic with NTC30kOhm or fixed temperature

Connectors: 8-pol sensor socket, 4-pole USB interface socket

Calibration:        Direct input

Temperature offset


Data storage:     4.000 Entries with date, time, value 1+2 and temperature

Display: Graphic LCD Display, 128 x 64 pixel, backlid

Interface: USB, isolated

Ambient temperature: -10 … 55 °C

Housing protection: Aluminum IP40

Dimensions: 145 x 185 x 55 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: Approximately 1 lb 9 oz (incl. power supply and stand)

EMC: Acc. EN 61326 class B

Order Information:

Type:            Lab 945 Set/LF613T

Order No:     285206860

Description:  Measuring ranges 0.000 µS/cm…500 mS/cm, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), temperature. Set includes stand, power supply, cond. cell LF613T, and cond. testing solution in ampules (6 pieces)


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