Comprehensive Surgical Skills Training Model

Comprehensive Surgical Skills Training Model



Product Name:ย Comprehensive Surgical Skills Training Model
Product No:ย XC-472

The model provides trainings of incision, suturing and ligaturing of skin, blood vessel, intestinal canal and deep tissue.
1. Skin modules: surgical incision, suturing, ligaturing, ligature cutting and dermal suture out of skin;
2. Intestinal canal module: two types of 20mm and 30mm diameter, practice ring clamp, discussion, anastomosis, ligaturing and cutting of intestinal canal;
3. Blood vessel module: practice ring clamp, cutting and ligaturing of blood vessel;
4. Deep ligature module: practice deep ligaturing in the narrow space;
5. Small size, portable, replaceable modules

Packing:ย 1pcs/carton, 38x20x28cm, 2.5kgs


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