Colony Counter Cat No. 603.11.001

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For petri dishes: 40 – 100 mm dia.
Colonies between 0 – 999.
Cat No.: 603.11.001
Brand: Isolab
Country: Germany

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Category Brand:
– Ideal for fast and practical manual counting of colonies on any agar in petri dishes. The versatile unique design accepts petri dishes from 40 mm to 100 mm.
– Intelligent counter with LED digitron display allows fast and precise count of the colonies between 0 – 999. Numericals on the counter can be adjusted backward and forward manually.
– Counting table is featured with a backward LED illumination with variable light control.
– Circular LED illumination system offers a shadow and flicker free illumination without heat development with optimal concentration of light.
– Marking is done by a “felt pin pen” which is connected to the system by cable.
Technical Specifications:
Cat No: 603.11.001
For petri dishes: 40 – 100 mm dia.
External dimensions: 210 x 255 x 160 mm
Connected loads: 230 V/50 Hz


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