Calibration Weight Set, Weight Box 10Mg-200Gm

৳ 2,000.00

Standard Calibration Weight Set 10mg-200gm


Calibration Weight Set


Weight Size: 10 Milligram to 100Gram=200Gmย 


10mg 1Piece, 20mg 2Piece, 50mg 1Piece, 100mg 1Piece, 200mg 2Piece, 500mg 1Piece,

1gm 1Piece, 2gm 2Piece, 5gm 1Piece, 10gm 1Piece, 20gm 2Piece, 50gm 1Piece, 100gm 1Piece


China Standard Calibration Weightย ย 

AL NOOR SCIENTIFIC CO. is a Importer Wholesaler and Suppliers in Bangladesh


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