Button Pull Tester

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Button Pull Tester

Product Description:ย This machine is suitable for testing the fixation and adhesion strength of small accessories such as buttons, buttons, bows, five-claw buckles on clothing, toys and footwear. Especially baby and children’s clothing, to define the responsibility of the manufacturer of ready-to-wear. Ensure that buttons, buttons and fasteners can be properly fixed on the garment to prevent the buttons from falling off the garment, causing the baby to have the opportunity to swallow and suffocate the danger of suffocation and the mechanical hazards such as sharp edges and corners caused by loosening.
Working principle:ย Clamp the sample with attachments (such as fabrics with buttons, etc.) on the fabric fixture at the bottom of the instrument, select a suitable fixture to install it on the push-pull gauge, hold the attachments, and apply tension to make the attachments Remove the fabric and test its force value; or apply a certain tension value for a certain period of time to test whether the attachment can still be firmly connected to the fabric. appendix: Push-pull gauge: 300N (optional) Bottom fabric gripper: for gripping fabrics with attachments Grips for Male Buttons: for holding convex five-jaw buttons for pull testing Special grips for female buttons: for holding concave five-jaw buttons for tensile testing Needle-nose pliers grips: for gripping other garment accessories for pull testing, such as buckles Three-prong clamp: used to hold common four-hole buttons or jeans buttons for pull test, Flat vise grips: for holding large buttons for pull testing Lever for locking/unscrewing bottom clamp locking knob Calibration weight: 15Lb
Standards:ย 16 CFR 1500.51-53, ASTM WK4510 PS79-96, ASTM F963, EN71-Part1, M&S P115A




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