Auto Level GOL 32D Bosch

Auto Level GOL32D Bosch With Stand

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Professional Auto Level GOL 32D Bosch

  • Auto Level with Stand
  • Model: GOL 32D



Every aspect of the Auto Level Bosch GOL32D demonstrates how series Bosch are with getting their survey tools designed and built to meet the users requirements.

The Bosch Site Level GOL32D is not just another level. The Site proof casing surround the very high quality 32x magnification optics that offer clear image of the levelling staff over long and short distances.

The housing on the Auto Level Bosch GOL32D is solid with an easy 360 degree rotation plate with clear precise position marks.

The base plate of the site level sits firmly on the Bosch Site tripod included with not this kit.

The site tripod is strong enough to be loaded used time and time again in all site environment offering a stable platform for the Site Level.

The Bosch GOL32D 5 Meter levelling staff complements this excellent value package

The GOL32D Bosch Optical Site Level.


GOL 32D Features:

Designed for out door use due to sturdy metal housing with dust and splash protections (IP54)

Robust design with built in target collimator and integrated circular vials

Compensator lock for safe transport

Target collimator for rough alignment

Penta prism make it easy to read the circular vials

Large focusing knob for easy alignment

Fast aperture for excellent staff reading

High precision (1.6 mm/30 m) over long distances

Endless angle settings using knobs on both sides with friction braked rotation

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