Auto ELISA Processor (BIOBASE1000)

The auto elisa processor is an analytical instrument used in the field of pharmacy, hospital, laboratory. Its main function is to analyze sample pre-processing, sample analysis and data processing.


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1. 1 robotic arm, 1 pipetting probe(10~1000μl).

2. 2 unit 96 well microplates(independent incubating).

3. 1 unit reader& washer (auto reading and washing).

ModelBIOBASE 1000
Sample UnitSample Racks 

Standard 192 sample position (expandable, up to 384)

Dispensing System1 aspirating-dispensing probe with X-Y-Z movement;
Reagent UnitReagent RacksUniversal reagent position: standard 6 universal reagent positions (expandable, up to 32); Original reagent bottle: Standard 20 reagent bottles position (expandable, up to 80)
Pipetting Range10~1000μl,1μl stepping
Pipetting precision(100μl) CV≤0.5%
DispensingTime5 minutesto whole96well microplates
Incubation UnitIncubation2 independentIncubators
Temperature RangeRT to 45 °C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C
Washing UnitWashingProbesTwo line 8-nozzle manifolds
Wash Containers2 wash buffers 2L, 1 distilled water, 1 waste water
Washing Residual<2μl
Reading UnitReadingChannels8 independent photometric channels,mono and dichromatic reading
Absorbance0.0 ~3.0 OD
Spectral Range400-700nm
Optical Filters2standardfilters (450,630nm);

2 more on request (405nm/450nm/492nm/630nm)

Data ManagementSoftwareWindows 7
LIS SystemBi-direction,support HL7 protocol
ResultsAbsorbance and results reviewable by software
PrinterExternal optional
 Working ConditionsPower SupplyAC220V±10%,50/60Hz, 110V±10%,60Hz, 400W
Size & WeightExternal Size (W*D*H)933*685*860mm
Net Weight130kg
Package Size (W*D*H)1085*840*1318mm
Gross Weight180kg


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