ATC Portable Honey Refractometer Brix 58-90%

৳ 2,300.00

ATC Honey Refractometer 1 Piece


Portable Honey Refractometer Brix 58-90% ATC, China

Honey Refractometer Ideal for All-purpose Honey & Brix sugar Testing.

Open daylight plate and 2-3 drops of distilled water on the main prism close the daylight plate so the q=water spreads across the entire surface of the prism without air bubbles or dry sport. Allow the sample to temperature adjust on the prisms for approximately 30 seconds before going to step 2. This allows the sample to adjust to the ambient temperature of the hand honey refractometer.

Hold daylight plates in the direction of the light source and look into the eyepiece. If you will a circular filed with Graduation down the entrance, you may have to focus the eyepiece to clear see the graduation. The uppers portion of the file should be blue, while the lower portion should be white. The picture shown here and shown in stem 3 or 4 is only as a reference.

Specifications of Refractometer:

  • One SCALE Brixโ€™s:ย 58 to 90% Brix
  • Reference Temperature:ย 20ยฐC
  • ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation) Compensation Range:ย 10ยฐC~30ยฐC (50ยฐF~86ยฐF)
  • Manual calibration with mini-screwdriver provided
  • Type: ATC, Made in China
  • Supplier: Labtex Bangladesh

Use of Honey Refractometer:


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