Animal Cage Changing Station

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Animal Cage Changing Station

The animal cage changing station is suitable for the replacement of animal cages in SPF animal rooms, the anatomy of experimental animals and the separation of tissues, etc. It adopts positive vertical flow, double primary effect and double high efficiency filtration design, which can prevent animals in the work area from being polluted by outside air. Protect the operator from allergens and special odors generated during the experiment. In addition, the double-sided open design facilitates simultaneous operation by multiple person. It is a safety protection device specially designed for animal research laboratories.

Power SupplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz (Standard)

AC110V, 60Hz (Optional)

Instrument Size(L*D*H)1580*750*1980mm
Operating Area Size(L*D*H)1015*750*585mm
Laminar Airflow Velocity≥0.35m/s
LED Lamp12W*2
Air Supply ULPA Filter Size925*470*69mm
Exhaust ULPA Filter Size910*480*69mm
Primary Filter Size890*505*25mm
Filtration Efficiency99.9995%(φ0.12μm)
Number of Users1-2
Package Size (L*D*H)1460*890*2270mm
Gross Weight243kg


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