Ammonium Chloride 1 Kg Merck Germany

৳ 1,650.00

Ammonium Chloride Merck Germany 1 Kg Pack


Ammonium chloride for analysis EMSUREยฎ ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur

Company Merck KGaA * 64271 Darmstadt * Germany * Phone:+49 6151 72-0

Cas Number: 12125-02-9, EC index number :017-014-00-8, EC number : 235-186-4, Grade: ACS,ISO,Reag. Ph Eur, Hill Formula: Hโ‚„ClN, Chemical formula: NHโ‚„Cl, Molar Mass: 53.49 g/mol, HS Code: 2827 10 00

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