Advanced Multifunctional Nursing Training Doll

Advanced Multifunctional Nursing Training Doll



Product Name:ย Advanced Multifunctional Nursing Training Doll
Product No:ย XC-401C
Material:ย PVC

This newly developed advanced multifunctional nursing training doll, features: Standard size, life like, exchangeable male and female genital insert with movable joints, simulate joint stiffness, trunk forward flexion, can sit on wheelchair bathing the bed-ridden patient.
1) Practice lifting, carrying & moving patient
2) Eye care
3) Tracheostomy care
4) Oral care
5) Oxygen inhalation, inhalation therapy
6) Nasal feeding
7) Gastric (stomach) lavage
8) Breast care
9) Intramuscular injection
10) Ostomy care
11) Catheterizations
12) Enemas
13) Bandages

Packing:ย 1pcs/carton, 99x42x54cm, 20kgs


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