6 in 1 Multi-Parameter Water pH, EC, TDS, Salt, S.G and Temp. Tester pH-786

  • 6-in-1 Multi-Parameter Water Tester
  • Ideal for pH, EC, TDS, Salt, S.G, and Temp. Testing
  • Model: pH-786
  • Made in China

৳ 3,000.00

6 in 1 Multi-Parameter Water pH, EC, TDS, Salt, S.G, and Temp. Tester pH-786 High Precision Water quality tester.

Feature of Water Tester pH-786:

  • 6 in-1 Multifunction PH Meter, professional measurement of pH, EC, TDS, SALT, S.G. Temp. suitable for household drinking water, hydroponics, lab, and aquarium.
  • Large-capacity Battery, Use a 3*LR44 1.5V button battery to provide power, is durable, and easy to replace, You can be bought everywhere.
  • High-precision Probe With high sensitive glass probe, you can get a full measurement range of 0-14pH, 0.01 pH resolution. You can calibrate effortlessly to ensure the accuracy of your measurements.
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation Temperature can affect reading levels, digital pH tester has an even better range of 0.0°C-50.0°C (32.0°F-122.0°F), automatic temperature compensation can ensure that you are getting the best reading, so you can test with confidence in any environment.
  • High-Accuracy Water Tester, High-accuracy algorithm chip, and electrode of our digital water quality tester ensure an accurate and fast response. Green Backlit LCD Design guarantees that you can read the measuring results in any condition. One-button lock reading function helps lock reading even if the tester is taken out of the sample.

Specifications of Multi-Parameter:

  • PH Range: 0.00-14.00, Resolution: 0.01ph, Accuracy: ±0.3ph
  • Temperature Range: 0℃-50℃ 32℉-122℉, Resolution: 0.1℃/0.2℉, Accuracy: ±1℃
  • EC Range: 0-19990us/cm,0-199.0mS/cm, Resolution: 1us/cm, 10mS/cm, 0.1mS/cm, Accuracy: ±2% F.S.
  • TDS Range: 0-9990ppm 0-199ppt, Resolution: 1ppm, 0.1ppt, Accuracy: ±2% F.S.
  • SALT Range: 0-199ppt, 0%-99.9%, Resolution: 1ppm, 0.1ppt,0.01%, Accuracy: ±2% F.S.
  • S.G Range: 1.000-1.400, Resolution: 0.001
  • Operation Environment: 0℃-50℃
  • Battery: 3 * 1.5V(LR44),Not include
  • Size : 180 * 45* 45mm,110g
  • Display: LCD digital display
  • Temperature: Automatic Temperature Compensation 0-50℃



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