LED digital display and increment at 0.1°C
Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity
Independent inner door to avoid more cooling leaking out, and provide more stable
inside temperature performance
High density CFC-Free urethane foam insulation
Build-in lock with safety
Lockable caster design
Chemically stable, CFC -free, commercially available and environmentally safe
Optimized refrigeration system designed to maximize cooling effect and temperature
Visible and Audible alarm
Corrosion proof cabinet interior design
Power failure protect: the device would be attack by the high current when all devices
restart simultaneously, the start-delay function would protect device from the

Category Brand:

Model BFUR-40-301 BFUR-40-302 BFUR-40-303
Capacity 50 L 268 L 278 L
Temperature Range -10°C to -40°C -30°C to -40°C
Ambient Temperature 10°C ~ +32°C
Defrosting Manual
Cooling Type Direct Cooling
Insulation Material PURF
Refrigerant HFC R290
Internal Dimension 361x429x406 mm 508x455x1137 mm 480x415x1460 mm
Overall Dimension 540x620x1145 mm 673x676x1630 mm 659x600x1694 mm
Package Size 600x707x1170 mm 770x770x1804 mm 710x650x1800 mm
Drawers/Shelves Shelves Drawers
Interior Stainless steel Color sprayed steel
Exterior Color sprayed steel
Controller Microprocessor, Digital display
Sensor NTC
Compressor Brand/QTY SECOP/1 CUBIGEL/1
Condenser Finned Wire tube Inside foaming
Noise Level 50 db 48 db 50 db
High/low temperature, Sensor
malfunction, Temperature
controller malfunction
High/low temperature,
Power off, Sensor
malfunction, Temperature
controller malfunction
High/low temperature, Sensor
malfunction, Temperature
controller malfunction, Door ajar
Standard Accessories Castor, Inner door Caster Foot, Castor, Inner
Optional Accessories Test hole, USB, data logging,
Temperature recorder Test hole USB data logging, Temperature
Weight (Net/Gross) 75/95 kg 98.5/115 kg 110/120 kg
Rated Power 250 W 300 W 185 W
www.biolabscientific.com 4
Power Consumption ( Kwh/24hrs ) 3.5 4 1.5
Rated Current A 2.5 A 1.6 A 1.5 A
Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz


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