-40℃ Biomedical Freezer DW-40L262 Haier China

৳ 440,000.00

Temperature range [°C]: -20 ~ -40
Chamber capacity: 262
Model.: DW-40L262
Brand: Haier
Country: China



Hydrocarbon (HC) Energy-saving
DW-40L262 adopts an efficient hydrocarbon (HC) inverter compressor system, which is more efficient and energy-saving, and efficiently delivers a power consumption figure as low as 2.62KW•h/24h.

Environmentally Friendly
The HC system is a completely green refrigeration solution. With LBA foamed polyurethane insulation in line with European ROHS directive for environmentally friendly materials.

Low Noise
Optimized hydrocarbon system and structural noise reduction design, DW-40L262 noise 41 dB, super quiet and low noise.

Security Lock
Mechanical lock plus lock catch, the mechanical door lock can be opened with one key, and the door lock can be a padlock. Secure and safe, suitable for multiple users.



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