Ingrowing Toenail Trainer

Ingrowing Toenail Trainer



Product Name:ย Ingrowing Toenail Trainer
Product No:ย XC-475
Material:ย PVC

Ingrowing Toenail Trainer model closely mimics an inflamed toe end with an ingrowing toenail, is mainly used in removing the ingrowing toenail. Finger shape lifelike, correct anatomy structure, toe end can be replaced. This model is one of the most commonly used materials in clinical surgery and suture training area.
1) Ring block techniques
2) Application of tourniqet
3) Wedge exision
4) Partial nail avulsion
5) Total nail avulsion
6) Phenolisation techniques
7) Ablation of the nail bed

Packing:ย 20pcs/carton, 63x28x20cm, 6kgs


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