Biohazard Safety Cabinet, Class II Type A2 Model: JSCB-1200SB

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Germicidal UV Lamp: 30 W
Ultraviolet Output: 13.4 W
Model: JSCB-1200SB
Brand: JSR
Country: South Korea

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– Integrated Digital microprocessor control system with graphic LCD display
– Fan ON/OFF and 10-step adjustable air velocity
– LED lamp ON/OFF
– UV lamp ON/OFF
– Adjustable UV sterilization timer
– Elapsed time counter and alarm for HEPA filter replacement
– Durable epoxy powder coated metallic casing
– Removable Stainless Steel 304 working plate
– Biological Safety Level Class II Type A2 design provides a higher level of personnel, product and cross contamination protection by keep filtrate airborne particles from the air stream
– Inflow moves from the room air is drawn into the inlet grille at the work access opening and pass through a negative pressure plenum to blower creates HEPA filtered downward laminar air stream over the work area
– Approximately 70% of the HEPA-filtered air is re-circulated through the cabinet into the work zone, while 30% passes through an exhaust HEPA filter and is discharged into the laboratory room air
– Aluminum Frame Mini-pleated HEPA filters with nominal filtration efficiency of 99.993% ~ 99.995% for airborne particles larger than 0.3 um
– Optional ULPA filter had higher filtration efficiency of 99.999% for airborne particles larger than 0.12 um
– Ergonomic arm rest and 3 degree slanted front glass window
– Removable working zone plate for easy cleaning and decontamination
– Front service access panel for comfortable maintenance
– The front door can also be closed fully to keep the cabinet interior clean during non-use period as well as to prevent exposure to UV radiation during sterilization
– Epoxy powder coated SPCC exterior for durability
– Silent and vibration free blower fan motor for comfortable working environment
– LED lamp working light
– 253 nm Germicidal UV lamp on working zone
– Supplied with Base Stand with caster
– UV Lamp CUT-OFF In case of fluorescent lamp turned on
– HEAP Filter replacement alarm
Technical Specifications:
Model: JSCB-1200SB
Performance Data
Safety Class :BSC Class II Type A2
Air flow type: 70% re-circulation / 30% exhaust
Down-Flow:  0.3 m/sec
In-Flow :0.5 m/sec
Filtration Efficiency: HEPA filter 99.993~99.995 % for particles > 0.3 um
(Nominal): ULPA filter 99.999 % for particles > 0.12 um
Noise Level: < 65 dB
Work Light: 1510 Lux
Type of Work Light: LED 20 watt x 2 ea
Germicidal UV Lamp 253.7 nm: 30 Watt
Ultraviolet Output :13.4 W
Dimension Data
Working Width: 1205 mm (4 ft)
Int. Dims. (W x D x H mm): 1205 x 550 x 585
Ext. Dims. (W x D x H mm) w/o stand: 1275 x 800 x 1290
Ext. Dims. (W x D x H mm) /w stand: 1275 x 800 x 1970
Safety Device:
Automatic UV Lamp turn off on door open
HEPA filter replacement alarm
Material Data
Working Plate: Removable Stainless steel 304 (AISI 304)
Body: SPCC /w epoxy powder coating
Front sash door: Tempered safety glass door
Utility & Accessories
Working LED Lamp: 15 watt x 2 ea
Germicidal UV lamp: 30 watt
Nominal power: 350 Watt   1.6 amp
Power receptacle for 220 V European cord x 2 ea
Gas cock x 2 ea
Usable Condition
Temp. & Humidity: 5oC – 40 oC, < 80% RH
Electric: 220±10% VAC 50/60Hz 1-Phase | Plug config. | CEE 7/7 Schuko or BS-1363
Net Weight: 182.0 kg


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