Analytical Balance (5 digit), Model: XA 210.4Y

Max 0.00001g-210g
Readability [d]: 0.01mg
Model: XA 210.4Y
Brand: Radwag
Country: Poland


The XA 4Y PLUS analytical balances provide the best minimum weight in the market and are intended for the most complex weighing of small masses. The devices are highly resistant to ambient conditions and their ergonomic design ensures convenient operation.


Maximum capacity [Max] 210 g
Minimum load 1 mg
Readability [d] 0.01 mg
Tare range -210 g
Standard repeatability [5% Max] 0.006 mg
Standard repeatability [Max] 0.025 mg
Standard minimum weight (USP) 12 mg
Standard minimum weight (U=1%, k=2) 1.2 mg
Permissible repeatability [5% Max] 0.012 mg
Permissible repeatability [Max] 0.035 mg
Linearity ±0.1 mg
Eccentric load deviation 0.1 mg
Stabilization time 4 s
Adjustment internal (automatic)
OIML Class I
Display 5.7” resistive colour touchscreen
Communication interface 2×RS232, 2×USB-A, Ethernet, 4 IN / 4 OUT (digital), Wi-Fi®
Power supply 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption max. 10 W
Operating temperature +10 ÷ +40 °C
Relative humidity 40% ÷ 80%
Weighing chamber dimensions 175×190×225 mm
Weighing pan dimensions ø90 + ø85 (option) mm
Packaging dimensions 720×385×485 mm
Net weight 9.8 kg
Gross weight 14.3 kg


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