Analytical Balance (4 digit) Model: AS 310.X2 Plus

৳ 160,000.00

Max capacity: 0.0001g – 310 g
Readability [d]:0,1 mg
Model: AS 310.X2 Plus
Country: POLAND


Balance of the AS X2 PLUS series is an advanced analytical weighing device of the SYNERGY LAB line. The AS X2 PLUS is exceptional due to a range of modern constructional and system solutions that guarantee reliability, precision and accuracy of measurement, and make everyday operation easy.


Model AS 310.X2 Plus
Maximum capacity [Max] 310 g
Minimum load 10 mg
Readability [d] 0.1 mg
Tare range -310 g
Standard repeatability [5% Max] 0.07 mg
Standard repeatability [Max] 0.1 mg
Standard minimum weight (USP) 140 mg
Standard minimum weight (U=1%, k=2) 14 mg
Permissible repeatability [5% Max] 0.12 mg
Permissible repeatability [Max] 0.15 mg
Linearity ±0.3 mg
Stabilization time 2.5 s
Adjustment internal (automatic)
OIML Class I
Display 5″ capacitive colour touchscreen
Database capacity 7
Touch-free operation 2 IR Sensors
Communication interface RS232, 2×USB-A (interchangeable), USB-B, Wi-Fi®, Ethernet
Power supply 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption max. 4 W
Operating temperature +10 ÷ +40 °C
Weighing pan dimensions ø100 mm
Packaging dimensions 495×400×515 mm
Net weight 7.3 kg
Gross weight 9.3 kg


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